Alan Asher The Last Codebender

My Expertise

Problem solver with a penchant for seeking out truth in the universe and creating my own with some friends.

Front End

My preferred stack for building front ends is HTML5 with Bootstrap and VueJS for rapid development. However, I have intimate knowledge with Angular/React, jQuery, Vanilla JavaScript, Sass/Less/CSS

Back End

Strongest in PHP, prefer to work in Laravel for rapid development and building databases using MySql. Also have used Ruby/Python for web scripting, Yii/CakePHP/Symphony for frameworks and Amazon RDS


Preferred hosting with Amazon. Used many styles with single servers through load balanced. Set up local dev and staging/QA environments with docker or vagrant. Prefer Git as source control and as a host for simple sits (like this one)


I switch between liking PHPStorm and Vim more depending on the project and environment.

My Projects and Ideas

Mutex - Use It To Prevent Double-Click Submit

The more I am around other programmers the more I realize some of the things I’ve used to solve problems are not widely known about. So, if you’ve ever had to write javascript

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Time Travel Validation with Encryption

I was learning about blockchain technology in the not too distant past and I became fascinated with encryption and coincidentally, also was binge watching Doctor Who. Without getting too deep in the different

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Git-flow And Scrum

For this article, remember that at the end of every sprint, each story is either marked as done or not done. Also remember that every story needs to be broken in to chunks

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From jQuery to VueJS

As I was first making the transition from jQuery to VueJS I was having a hard time grappling with how to migrate the jQuery dependent code I had already developed in to the

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Time to Blast Off

Welcome to Asterisk Pound! Question #1: Where does the name come from? Answer: A cartoon depiction of a four-letter curse word *#!~ I came up with the concept and logo before realizing the

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I am a Certified Scrum Master

I’ve been practicing Scrum on different teams since 2013. I’ll admit that I didn’t always know who was responsible for what. Getting Certified as a Scrum master has a lot of benefits in

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